We invite you to join our network of local media partners that are selling our highly effective email marketing program. This is an easy to use turn-key operation that gives your clients the ability to target on a hyperlocal level with ONLY a 5,000 email minimum. For your auto dealers, they will be able to reach consumers that are ready to buy in the next six months. Dealers across the country are selling a tremendous amount of cars and they are cutting their marketing costs per vehicle sold in half. This is a no risk proposition. There are no upfront costs to start using it – it is all pay as you go. Plus we provide you with training and ongoing support.

Auto Dealers – target consumers that are ready to buy. This data is supplied exclusively to our technology partner by R.L. Polk.
• Polk’s Purchase Predictor is based on multiple variables including
nearly 30 years of consumer vehicle registrations.
• Dealers see outstanding results -- between 6-12 cars sold per 10,000 emails sent out.
• Exclusive Matchback reports show precisely how many cars each dealer actually sold.
• Ongoing analysis of Google Analytics provides detailed tracking information: number of visitors per link, overall page views, time on site, % of new visitors, bounce rates and much more.

Retail/Saturation – give your retail clients the ability to reach only those individuals in their exact target market. No forced 50,000 quantity buys – our minimum is ONLY 5,000.

Target Models – for clients that want to reach a more precise demographic or psychographic consumer – we have access to over 40 behavioral target groups.

Easy to use with ongoing training, support and guidance. The user interface for the retail program is straightforward, simple and includes real time open & click thru results. We offer training to your sales teams and we are available at all times to assist in every facet of the program.

Pay As You Go – There is no upfront investment required.

City Twist – our trusted technology partner that features:
• 125 million opt in email addresses nationwide
• Virtually 100% guaranteed inbox delivery
• Guaranteed in-target deliverability
• Strict compliance rules that prohibit anything that resembles spam

For more information contact Scott Slobodnik, Brand Manager
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