USSPI Media is a 25+ year licensee of Claritas data and software products. In addition to utilizing our custom target groups detailed in the PRIZM section, we offer clients several other options to find top prospects by marrying data with our circulation database to produce custom recommendation reports from our proprietary system.

  1. Demographics — Using Claritas Software USSPI can locate ZIP codes that index well for a desired demographic, such as age or household income, then recommend newspapers that best hit this target. Choose from over 1,200 census-based demographic variables.
  2. Nielsen Consumer Profiles — If a lifestyle, product, or purchase behavior is the driving factor, we license several categories within the software that enable us to find newspapers that cover the ZIP codes projected to perform well for the profile. Choose from over 1,500 available profiles from categories such as Automobile Products, Electronics, Finance, Telecommunications, and Travel.
  3. Radius — USSPI can calculate radius rings around client ZIP codes in order to produce a list of geography-based newspapers.
  4. Client ZIP list — If you have already compiled a list of ZIP codes that you want to reach we can run it straight through the database to show available newspapers that cover your area.

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