The USSPI Media Advantage – Community Influencers

USSPI Media remains a connection to community marketing - recommending and executing print and digital buys through local newspaper partners. Now more than ever USSPI is positioned to help advertisers reach and inspire the influencers where they live, work, learn, entertain and of course, buy.
Traditionally, community newspapers have acted as a conduit to local influencers – activists, educators, coaches, etc. through print products. Now newspapers have become so much more, using technology and manpower to reach a local market on the go. Everyday newspapers reach out to small businesses and readers through in-person contacts, email, in-paper, digital and social media. Let USSPI Media make it easy for you to take advantage of these original community influencers.

Newspaper Coverage — USSPI strives to provide the best-targeted coverage for our advertisers, print and digital. In addition to the networks featured in this book, we maintain an extended database that goes deeper and wider, with even more community newspapers, major market dailies, rural and multi-cultural newspapers.

eZIPs Acquisition Email Marketing — Email marketing adds coverage in under-served areas and offers an affordable complement to print and digital advertising. eZIPs is a dynamic platform that directs an acquisition message to a geographic area, with the ability to overlay a demographic or a lifestyle attribute. Both national B2C and B2B databases are available. There are no upfront fees or minimums – and you pay only for the number of emails deployed.

Print + Digital + Email = Effective Community Coverage — Combining the elements in a local market campaign guarantees a commanding presence across media consumption platforms. USSPI has creatively packaged these elements together and the results are positive and powerful: drill down messaging to the smallest level or build up blasts to the DMA.

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